Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Yoga poses such as Easy Seated are such great foundation poses and I often use them to open or close my classes. My corporate students often arrive at my lunchtime classes after a very busy morning at their desks. They will have mostly been sitting, but this is unlikely to have been in a way that is beneficial to them. Through seated poses, it provides the opportunity to feel grounded as the sitting bone connects with the mat.

This grounding lays the foundations for lengthening the spine that is likely to be have compressed while hunched over a keyboard. Likewise, tucking the chin in towards the chest lengthens the neck and enables the head to reach up towards the ceiling – or in this case reaching towards the blue skies that we were blessed with for this outdoor class.

Equally, by placing the palms over the knees provides a great way of opening across the chest and shoulders. This in turn then provides more space to breathe more deeply from the belly to the chest. By focusing on the internal functions of the body means that the external environment is less likely to be distracting to thought processes. This has a calming influence on the mind that will have been going into overdrive in work mode.

For seated poses, it’s important to use props such as blocks, particularly where there is compression in the lower spine. This can help lengthen the spine and ease back pain. Placing bolsters or cushions under the knees can also help where the knees are raised. Making adjustments such as these ensures that the pose is comfortable and beneficial.