Celebrating the Tour de Yoga 2018

Geraint Thomas may have won the Tour de France, but the real winners were those that liked, shared, followed and commented on my very own ‘Tour de Yoga’ over the course of Le Tour.

During the Tour de France, I posted a video of a yoga pose each day that best represented each of the 21 stages and rest days. The stages seemed to go on forever, but it was also a lot of fun to do!

I posted these videos as I wanted to demonstrate how accessible it can be do yoga whether you are in your own home, about to go on a ride or in post-ride recovery. The main aim being to think about how you, as cyclists, can incorporate stretches into your daily routine and make for more enjoyable rides.

Although it was great to practice these poses one-by-one, it’s far better to incorporate them into a sequence. This will ensure the body is properly warmed up or down and reduce the risk of injuries. Sequences can be as long or short as you like, fitting in with your available time.

It may be stating the obvious, but it’s better to start with the gentle stretches to warm up (typically seated, laying or on all fours), more dynamic stretches as you are warmed up (standing poses) and then gentler stretches (seated, laying) as you warm down.

It’s great if you can integrate these stretches with breathing, as this will help calm the mind, create space in the body and enable you get deeper into stretches. This will come over time with practice.

To help get you started, i have included a short sequence of Tour de Yoga poses. Please feel free to download the videos and take your pick of the stretches that work for you.

If you are interested in attending yoga for cyclist classes with Yogadad, an exciting 6-week programme of themed classes tailored to meet the needs of cyclists will be launched very soon. Further details are available at the Yoga for Cyclists page.

Credit – Cycling Weekly