Changing of the Seasons

We have reached the halfway stage on the Yoga for Cyclists course at 73 Degrees bike shop in Keynsham. We have covered a huge amount over the past three weeks, and my students have already commented on how much better they felt when next on their bike.

It is great to receive such positive feedback and how much of a difference it’s making. Our confidence is growing and this is allowing us to delve deeper into developing our yoga practice. There’s a growing sense of community and collective spirit amongst us.

When I designed this course, it was difficult to gauge how much interest there would be. As a cyclist, i thought about the type of course i would attend as a student. Having this course sell out, and seeing so much interest in my Yoga for Men classes means so much. This has made me realise that even in a crowded market, there is a place for YogaDad.

I recognise I’m only at the start of my yoga teacher journey, but I’m excited by what opportunities lie ahead. I have achieved so much, with limited free time. It’s only this week when back as a student at Wild Wolf’s Yoga I have taken the time to realise this.

My Yoga for Cyclists course returns in October. Next month also brings my next Yoga for Cyclists course at Yoga Loft, just off Queen Square, central Bristol. I will also be starting my Yoga for Men classes in Keynsham, with many men having registered an interest. I have many ideas in the pipeline, and will reveal more when these come to fruition.

Thanks for reading, liking, sharing, commenting on my posts, donating to charities, and most importantly to those that have taken the time out of their days to attend my classes.