Settling in at Yoga Loft

In early October, I started teaching at Yoga Loft in central Bristol. This is a hidden gem of a space that is proving to be perfect for my lunchtime classes. Yoga Loft is situated on the top floor at South Bristol Osteopaths, just off Queen Square. I love being able to teach around Queen Square as it has been at the centre of my yoga practice over recent years.

My previous employers, Eunomia Research & Consulting are based on Queen Square. This is where I started organising lunchtime classes – initially online classes through the excellent Do Yoga With Me site. More recently, when I started teaching classes in Eunomia’s loft, applying learning from my teacher training at Bristol School of Yoga.

What really impresses me about the Yoga Loft space is how light & airy it is – even on the greyest of Autumnal days. The space may be relatively small, but its perfectly formed with enough room to get creative with how the space can be used. The mats are high quality and there are loads of props available to support my students in their practice.

This is giving me the confidence to be creative with my class planning. For example, this week I planned a sequence involving the use of the chairs in there. I wanted my students to explore how they could take their yoga practice from the classroom back to their homes, workplaces, bus stop – wherever. It opened their eyes to what was possible.

What i also enjoy about Yoga Loft is the sense of community it brings. Yoga Loft is a very welcoming space. The osteopaths are very supportive of the Yoga and Pilates classes that are run there – often providing referrals for their patients to attend classes. My fellow yoga and pilates teachers include Annemarie Caraciolo, Yoga with Katy and Olivia Leek.

I am starting to settle into the space and it really feels like home for me and my students. My Yoga for Charity classes run on Wednesday lunchtimes (12.15 – 1pm) with all donations going to YoungMinds supporting children and young people’s mental health.

If  you have never been to Yoga Loft for a yoga or pilates class, I encourage you to check it out. These classes could be just what you need for a proper ‘lunch break’, to reflect upon what you have achieved that morning and to recharge the remainder of your day.

yoga AT LUNCH flyer