£850 raised for charities

In September, my blog Do Yoga for Good highlighted the way in which my yoga practice had supported worthy causes over the Spring and Summer this year. When I announced in Yoga for Charity is back that these classes were to return, i could not wait to get started. Teaching at South Bristol Osteopaths in Bristol was a match made in heaven.


My Yoga for Charity classes have supported two charities very close to my heart. Firstly, the Bristol Bike Project. After the fundraising classes at 73 Degrees bike shop in Bristol, we rekindled our collaboration at a fundraiser to mark the Project’s 10th anniversary.


I used the class as a taster for my successful Yoga for Cyclists course in Keynsham, Bristol. The class was hugely popular with proceeds supporting the Project’s Earn-a-Bike scheme. This empowers marginalised individuals to become mobile on two wheels. I have subsequently donated an old, but much loved mountain bike. The bike was sold this week, generating more funds for the Project’s work.

The second charity I have supported is YoungMinds and its fight for children and young people’s mental health. It’s such a topical issue with so much emphasis being placed on improving mental health provision. Whether that is through the introduction of health education to the National Curriculum or increased funding for frontline health services.


YoungMinds provides such a valuable service. Whether it’s in the form of a helpline for children or parents struggling to cope with mental health issues. Or, recognised training courses to support teachers in dealing with mental health issues so prevalent in schools. YoungMinds also actively lobby’s, i.e. Ofsted related to its school inspection framework.

Closer to home, my Yoga for Men classes supported the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal after a moving Remembrance Day parade in Keynsham. Last weekend, I donned an Elf outfit in brutal conditions on a charity fancy dress bike for Salt and Sham cycling collective from Keynsham. It was an incredible event that will live long in my memory,


It has been such a privilege to run the Yoga for Charity classes in Bristol this year. To raise £850 for charities through the generous donations of my students is incredible. Looking ahead to 2019, I have exciting plans ahead, but that’s for another blog post…