Community of Practice

As covered in last week’s blog, the media interest in YogaDad has snowballed over recent months. It’s been great getting so much regional and national coverage, shining a long overdue spotlight on my adopted home town, Keynsham in Bristol. Home is most definitely where the heart is though, so when Keynsham Town Community Radio got in touch for an interview to talk about Yoga for Men, it was an offer I could not refuse.

It may be difficult to imagine that I have anything more to say on my Yoga for Men classes. There is always a different angle though to these interviews. So much of what we talked about related to the importance I place on community  For example, by making my new students feel welcome as we embark on this journey of self discovery together. How this then encourages my students to show their loyalty by returning each week.

I also believe strongly in supporting the local community, in particular by encouraging those have never tried yoga before to give it go. This week alone I taught 27 students in my three classes. Of those 26 students (yes, 26) were male, with only one female. When I think back to my rationale for starting the Yoga for Men classes, it was as much about making sure that men didn’t feel like the odd one out in female-dominated yoga classes.

My recent Wellbeing in Keynsham blog covered some of these points, including my ambition to put Keynsham firmly on the wellbeing map. Media coverage helps, but it’s on the ground activities that will really make a difference. In the interview, I provide a taster for an exciting new venture I have planned for a beautiful space in Chew Magna. I am also galvanising wellbeing providers for a hugely exciting opportunity this summer.

I will be revealing more on my new ventures very soon – watch this space. Wherever my yoga practice takes me, one thing’s for sure – Keynsham will always be at its heart centre.