Men’s Day Retreat

Over the past year, I have focused on running regular yoga classes – whether that’s Yoga for Men, Yoga for Charity or Yoga for Cyclists as part of a six-week programme. The classes all have one thing in common – their duration. I love running one hour classes, and the feedback I often receive from my students is that they love these classes too.

I want to offer my students the opportunity to delve deeper into their yoga practice. Building upon the successes of my regular classes, by offering something new. A great way is through workshops and retreats, and I am excited to announce the first of these.

I am teaming up with the amazing team at Chew Valley Wellbeing in a beautiful rural location a short distance from Bristol and Bath to offer a Yoga for Men Day Retreat.

Chew Valley Wellbeing yoga and massage Bristol Annie and Abi natural portraits
Image credit – Chew Valley Wellbeing

The retreat, taking place on Saturday, 11th May (9am – 3pm) costs £50 and is a first-of-its-kind designed exclusively for men. Energising and restorative yoga classes, meditation, country ‘silent’ walk to a stone circle, great local food and refreshments will all be on offer, bringing together a small group of like-minded men in a welcoming environment.


As the day retreat takes place shortly before Mental Health Awareness Week (13 – 19 May), I am pleased to announce that we will be using the retreat to support Bristol Mind. They do amazing work in the local area to promote positive mental health and provide much needed mental health services and resources to those that are most in need.


Bristol Mind

Further details on this unique day can be found at my new Workshops / Retreats page.

You may be reading this thinking whether a retreat is for you. I have helpfully provided a short Q & A below. Do not hesitate to get in touch with any further questions or to book onto this retreat. Spaces limited so please do so as early as possible to secure your place.

Why go onto a retreat?

The duration of a retreat is longer than a regular yoga class. The additional time allows us to delve deeper into our yoga practice. Enabling us to explore different topics and themes. In our often busy lives, allowing ourselves this time to disconnect from daily life and focus on ourselves can bet very precious as we prioritise our health & wellbeing.

As with my regular classes, my retreats are accessible to all ages, experience and ability levels. The yoga classes are carefully designed to invite progression through a yoga practice, offering challenge where needed. Equally, my expert guidance is always on hand, with an array of yoga props typically on offer to support and release into poses.

My retreats in particular offer the opportunity to open up our yoga practice to incorporate other activities. This may include meditative silent walks in the countryside to connect with nature, group bike rides to and from a venue, or health-conscious foods & drinks from local providers. At its heart is developing a strong sense of community.

I carefully select venues that provide the perfect setting for my retreat. We are fortunate to live in a region with so much beautiful countryside on our doorstep. Where possible, I select venues which offer the opportunity for connection with the natural environment.


Why offer a retreat exclusively for men?

There can be a tendency for retreats to be marketed, often unintentionally, towards a female audience. There are rarely any retreats designed for the male body, and also exclusively for men. My regular classes have proven the popularity of this concept. My retreats offer a similarly safe & welcoming environment. A space where men do not feel they are the odd one out, providing the opportunity to promote mens health & wellbeing.


I  have many more exciting plans for workshops and retreats this year including Yoga for Endurance Sports. Keep an eye on my new Workshops / Retreats page for further details.