Back on the Beeb

My most avid blog readers would have noticed that I have been keeping a relatively low profile of late. After almost a year of weekly blogs, I thought it timely to take a well-earned break from the blogs and social media more generally. It’s allowed me to direct my energy towards yoga classes, work and most importantly my family life.

I was then pleasantly surprised to be approached by the BBC not once but twice this week for radio interviews. The first was on Monday for the John Darvall show for BBC Radio Bristol. They were doing a piece on a Sport England report with research that almost two-thirds of Mums would feel guilty about taking time for exercise. Although evidently not a Mum, I was invited to offer a male perspective on how to find time for exercise in a busy life, citing my Yoga for Men classes as an example, while highlighting the importance of establishing a routine that incorporates exercise into daily life.


I then appeared on BBC Radio Bristol on Saturday on the Jonathan Ray show. They were doing a piece on wellbeing after Father’s Day and Father’s Mental Health Awareness Day. this past week. I was live in the studio for this and with YogaMum (Michelle) overseas on business, I took the plunge by bringing the YogaTwins into the studio in central Bristol.

A key thing that yoga has taught me over this past 18 months is to throw yourself into any situation as it will likely not be as bad as you think. Being faced by a faithful and expectant group of yogis each week, I have learnt that these most challenging moments can also be the most rewarding, and this was the case in the studio with the boys.

Yes, it was complete chaos at times as the boys got inevitably restless as I was being interviewed by Jonathan. Yes, the boys wanted my undivided attention, culminating in them spinning me round in an office chair in the studio while I was answering one of Jonathan’s question. That’s all part of what represents me though, both in terms of my yoga practice and role as a Dad. Keeping calm while all around can be quite chaotic.

Life brings its inevitable challenges – it’s about how to best respond to those situations in a positive way. I don’t always get it right, but In this way by continuing to champion the importance of men’s wellbeing – perhaps through yoga, but more importantly as a parent. Finding what may only be small pockets of time for your wellbeing. It’s not only good for you, but good for your children, who will be inspired by these positive actions.


I continue to be pleasantly surprised by how much media interest there has been in what I am doing with my yoga practice. It’s very personal to me and my family who I love dearly and are integral to so much of what we have achieved. Bringing this full circle back to the Sport England report, as a family it’s important to think collectively about what we can do to support each other’s wellbeing – it can be  life changing experience.