Tour De Yoga – Stage 2

It’s been great to see so much interest in this year’s Tour De Yoga. A series of bitesized 5 – 15 minute free online yoga for Cyclist classes during July to coincide with this year’s Tour De France bike race.

In today’s 2nd stage of the Tour De Yoga we remain seated. So please use support such as a block or book. This support not only provides more comfort, but also helps with lengthening the spine and creating more space across the hips where cyclists often experience tension.

This seated sequences focuses on poses that target those hot spot areas of tension for cyclists along the spine and across the hips. Seated forward folds are an effective way of exploring this. We also introduce lateral movements for the spine through seated twists and lateral stretches to help engage the abdominal obliques and directing breath to the side body.

As with any physical activity, it’s always important to listen to the responses from your body as you transition through these movements. You should challenge yourself, but not push so hard that you risk injury. So tune into those internal sensations and back out of a pose should you experience pain.