Yoga Storytelling

Over the past year, I have been humbled by how much media interest there has been in YogaDad. I have loved appearing with the boys on Sky News for international men’s day and being interviewed by ITV News’ Kylie Pentelow for her yoga stories podcast series.

It’s the BBC Radio Bristol radio interviews, however, where I have had the most fun. Taking the boys into the studio live on air in early Summer, and practicing yoga with the DJ will live long in the memory. When the BBC Radio Bristol team called me on Friday to invite me back into the studio with the boys this weekend, I didn’t hesitate in saying yes.

This time, we were talking with DJ Laura Rawlings as part of her family hour on Saturday morning about children’s literacy. As a parent of 3 year-old twins, it’s been interesting to see how the boys have differed in their learning styles when reading. One of our boys really enjoys sitting with us, drawn towards the story through the images, whereas the other, would quite happily skip through the pages as quickly as possible – not really paying attention to the words and pictures before gleefully shouting THE END!

Yoga stories_1.jpg

Yoga, or at least movement-based story telling is an emerging area of interest. I am currently completing a fantastic children’s yoga teacher training course in Bristol. Jane Collins runs the course and has over 10 years of experience in teaching yoga to children. Jane also studied with an absolute legend in the children’s yoga field – Michael Chissick.

Image Credit: Collins & Barth School of Yoga

My most avid readers will recall as part of my Yoga Teacher Training course at Bristol School of Yoga, my thesis focused on yoga in the UK national curriculum and how this could be used to enable children to realise their potential. Using Jane’s game-based and storytelling approaches to teaching children’s yoga most definitely have a part to play.

For the BBC Radio Bristol interview, this was of particular interest. I talked about how I am applying my newly learnt skills with the boys as we go on adventures together. Moving our bodies through a sequence of yoga poses as I talk through the children’s stories. For example, by going on a bear hunt, and wandering through a forest with us all acting out our best tree pose before the boys can’t resist trying to push Daddy’s tree over!

Yoga stories_2.jpg

Bedtime stories are taking on a different spin, but we always end up in the same place – a quiet, calm laying position, with a short meditation for some well earned reflection time.

My BBC Radio Bristol interview can be found at the below link. The interview starts at 43 minutes with a break in the middle of the interview for a song. The boys were so well behaved in the studio and I was a very proud Dad as we said our goodbyes to the team.


The interview is available until 5th November 2019 on the BBC Radio Bristol website.