Writing for Wanderlust

From an early age, I have had a passion for writing, and often find that I communicate most effectively when putting pen/finger to paper/keyboard. When living in New Zealand, we kept a blog that charted our time there. We even produced our own book that captured our incredible journey home on board an enormous CMA-CGM cargo ship.


When in the U.K., the blog writing sadly stopped, but my passion was re-ignited when on my yoga teacher training at Bristol School of Yoga. I  was required to write a journal. Although it was hard going at times, writing posts enabled me to express my thoughts and feelings on the course, while also charting how I was developing as a yoga teacher.

Before the course had finished, I launched YogaDad.  Since then, I have written an incredible 75 blog posts – roughly one a week. Over time, writing has become an integral part of my yoga practice and i love being able to articulate my yoga practice in this way.

Image Credit: Wanderlust

I love to see how much interest there is in my blogs – it motivates me on to write more. So, I was delighted when global wellness brand, Wanderlust recently invited me to join their community of journal writers. Wanderlust’s mission is to help you find your true north – to cultivate your best self – and this really resonates with me. I believe that yoga is for the many, not the few, leading those that would not typically consider practicing yoga. Fostering a community  on their journey towards a more mindful and inspired life.

Image Credit: Wanderlust

My first Wanderlust blog starts this journey with a festive-themed post on how to apply the principles of yoga to be more Christmas ‘present’.  Recognising that there are so many distractions in our lives, it can be hard to focus on a single thing for a moment. I offer techniques to adopt a more mindful life over what may be a busy festive period.


I am really looking forward to positioning myself as a wellness thought leader within Wanderlust’s global platform, providing a U.K and male centric point of view and voice. Exciting times ahead in 2020..

Image Credit: Wanderlust