A Sibling’s Wish

Raising money for charity has been at the centre of my yoga practice since graduating as a yoga teacher. Initially it was a great way to get my students used to paying for my classes while supporting some incredible causes. Over time, it’s evolved into increasingly ambitious ons-off campaigns such as Movember at my Yoga For Men classes including local charity talks.

Since graduating as a children’s yoga teacher I wanted to kick start with a bang at family yoga classes. Initially, working with Here For You For Them’s Jen Armstrong at its Om Pop event in Fulham was a seriously unforgettable experience.

Since then, I started 2020 by organising a family yoga event at Winford Village Hall in the stunning scenery of the Chew Valley. I worked with fellow Collins and Barth School of Yoga graduate and occupational therapist, Beccy Angell,: who is a fantastic teacher.

The event was in support of A Sibling’s Wish. A local charity set up in memory of Sarah Hext’s son Harvey to provide children with a bespoke unique, individualised and personalised memory box to help preserve memories of a lost sibling.

Even though Winford is a village, we had lots of interest in the event. Bringing yoga to families that may not otherwise have the opportunity. There were approximately 10 families that joined us on the mat and multicoloured non-slip discs!

From the moment I invited the families to form mini circles by holding hands together and feeling the connection and togetherness I knew this was going to be special.

We played games, a different spin on sun salutations, breathing games with coloured feathers and a beautiful listening game with a wooden frog as our musical instrument. Playing games meant that we could do yoga, let loose, be our true selves without judgment and have loads of fun along the way.

The families gave 100% commitment throughout, and we felt very lucky to be teaching such a wonderful group of local families. The children loved showing appreciation at the end, forming an orderly and lengthy queue,to send heartfelt thanks for us putting on the event. It meant so much to us.

Before long, the event ended with big smiles all around, refreshments and delicious homemade cakes from Beccy. We raised an amazing £93.50 forA Sibling’s Wish from the generous donations from families. We were chuffed to bits, with lots asking when the next event was. Stay tuned for more details on this.

Massive thanks go out to Beccy, Sarah and Abi from Chew Valley Wellbeing, Winford Village Hall for hosting, and of course, not forgetting the wonderful families.