Mind, Body and Home Improvements

At my Yoga For Men classes in Bristol, I often encourage my students to consider how they can apply the principles of yoga in their everyday lives. As a Yoga Dad, the benefits of my yoga practice extend far beyond the four corners of the mat. It’s the tools that yoga has equipped me with that enable me to positively respond to the challenges of daily life.

This really resonates with my students, colleagues and many others, demonstrated by my  most popular blog post being Lights, Camera, Action. A blog that takes yoga out of its usual setting into my workplace, with links to a series of bitesized chair yoga classes.


I love to teach chair yoga classes as I probably spend most of my working life sitting at a desk. I’ve learnt how detrimental sitting for extended periods can be to my health and wellbeing. I love to be able to share what I’ve learnt about how to move in a way that’s more beneficial to me. Only this week, I ran a chair yoga class at a work team meeting. As much as they felt a bit weird doing yoga in an open plan office, they loved being able to take some time out of their busy day to put wellbeing at the top of the meeting agenda.

Next week I’ll be doing likewise for 1,000 pupils from schools across Bristol at the Cabot Federation’s fantastic Raising Aspirations careers event at University of West of England. Bringing the pupils back to the present, while they consider their future career choices.

Raising Aspirations_2

I’ve previously joked with Pip Roberts, one of Bristol’s many excellent yoga teachers, how yoga can help with home improvement tasks. For example, by being able to reach overhead with ease to change a lightbulb. Excusing the pun but I know that this can be a real lightbulb moment for some when they realise that everyday tasks become effortless.

So, I was delighted when recently a a few of my, ahem, more mature students mentioned to me the difference that yoga was making to their lives. A couple of the guys had been painting and decorating, one of whom, found reaching up to cut in to corners with the paintbrush far  easier than ever before.. Better still, he put this down to his yoga practice.

Another student had been decorating with a mature friend of his – the next day his friend was moaning and groaning about how much his body was aching. By contrast, my male yogi felt as fit as a fiddle, chomping at the bit to dip his brush in the pot and get painting.

I absolutely love to hear this, and it’s as pleasing to hear my students joining the dots between their regular yoga practice and how much of a difference it makes to their lives.

If you’re about to embark on a home improvement project, or are already feeling the strain. Yoga could be the medicine you need. Join us in Keynsham or Longwell Green.

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