Show Your Support…

Show your support… for my Summer Stretch Challenge

I am running a Summer Stretch Challenge for charities on the frontline of the Coronavirus pandemic response. I am offering 15-minute Facebook Live sessions, every weekday at 8.30am during the 6-week school holidays, I am also recording the sessions for those that are unable to join me live, so you can stretch any time, any where. By joining me for a stretch, I am encouraging people to prioritise their health and wellbeing.

Show your support… for charities delivering essential services

More importantly, I am raising donations for charities desperately short of funding to deliver their essential services. This is due to a significant shortfall in donations over the past few months. I am focusing on charities local to me in Bristol, but there are likely to be national equivalents and in your local neighbourhood too. I urge you to seek them out and show your support in whatever way you can.

Show your support… for our most vulnerable members of society

The charities I’m supporting deliver essential services for our most vulnerable members of society. Covering elderly isolation and loneliness, domestic abuse, food banks, suicide prevention, rough sleepers and young people’s mental health. You may have a friend, family member, or know of someone in your local community that could really benefit from accessing the charities’ services.

Show your support… on Facebook or Just Giving fundraising pages

I have set up a Facebook fundraising page to collect donations for all of the charities being supported through the campaign. I will share donations equally at the end of the campaign. For those not on Facebook or would like to donate direct, I have also set up individual Just Giving pages for each of the charities. These are Age UK Bristol, Julian House, Trussell Trust, Suicide Prevention Bristol, St Mungo’s and Off The Record Bristol.

Show your support… for the charities’ emergency appeals

Please seriously consider donating to one or all of the charities through my fundraising campaign. They will be more grateful than you can ever imagine. It’s only by running this campaign that I’ve realised how desperate the situation is. Many of the charities have launched emergency appeals in an attempt to make up the shortfall in donations.

Show your support… to make up the shortfall in donations

During the summer months is when most of these charities run fundraising events which of course have not been able to happen. These charities have also had to make dramatic changes to their services, often from face-to-face to over the phone or computer, which has incurred additional costs the charities had not accounted for.

Show your support… to keep the charities delivering essential services this winter

With autumn and winter fast approaching in the U.K, time is running out for these charities to raise donations to enable them to maintain their services at current levels during the most challenging time of the year. It would be a travesty to see the charities reduce services or even worse, to go under because of this. I cannot even imagine the impact this would have on local communities – not just now but for many years to come.

Thank you for reading and showing your support. Please spread the word far and wide.