Are Men Sedentary?

I have always loved being interviewed on BBC Radio Bristol. I’ve been extremely grateful for how much support the BBC team has provided me since launching YogaDad. I was delighted, therefore, when BBC Radio Berkshire invited me to speak on its afternoon show to talk men’s health. A topic that I’m understandably very passionate about. 

BBC Radio Bristol

The focus for this week’s chat was new research that has found that men have becomes more sedentary over the past 20 years. BBC’s presenter, the warm and friendly Phil Kennedy, was particularly interested in what I’ve been doing to get men moving, in particular through my Yoga For Men classes and Summer Stretch Challenge in Bristol.

Yoga For Men blog

I talked about my own interests in physical activity and how this changed over time from high intensity exercise in my early 20’s to mostly lower intensity exercise in my 40’s. By not adapting to how our physical needs change over time can mean that we lose interest, disengage with exercise altogether. This can have knock-on effects as we lose confidence in our ability to move, resigning ourselves to a sedentary life from a relatively early age.

I’ve learnt to move with the times, maintaining interest in physical activity by varying it up to include numerous forms of exercise. Whether it’s been commuter cycling, swimming, YogaDog walks, chasing after the YogaTwins on their bikes, or simply gardening, I enjoy the physical and mental health benefits that many forms of exercise bring. Yoga is of course, at the centre of all that I do, and I love sharing this with others. 

Bike trip

I spoke about how I set up my Yoga For Men classes to encourage men of all ages and ability levels to give yoga a go. Putting the yoga branding to one side, and stripping it back to its component parts – learning to move, breathe, think in a way that reflects how we feel on a given day. Fostering a community of practice amongst like-minded men, where the self-proclaimed most inflexible men in the world are welcomed like family. 


Evidently, I could have talked for hours, but sadly only had eight minutes before Rick Astley was fired up. Another epic media appearance to add to the collection. Loved it!


Featured Image Credit: Pinterest