1,000 Men. 1,000 Mats

18 months ago, I was blown away by Caleb Jude Packham’s 50 Men, 50 Mats event at the Re:Centre in London. Supporting Caleb by sharing space with fellow male yoga teachers and an energised room filled with first time to seasoned male yogis is a memory that will last a lifetime. An affirmation that the men’s yoga movement was growing, with Caleb leading the charge.

When I first saw Caleb announce that he was planning the world’s largest men’s yoga class, as part of Movember, i was taken aback. The series of five live-stream classes every Sunday in November is as ambitious as it is impressive. The series starts on 1 November with 50 Men, 50 Mats, before doubling in size each week to a grand finale – an incredible 1,000 Men, 1,000 Mats on 29 November. This series is not to be missed.

One thing I’ve come to realise from teaching Yoga For Men is that it’s not easy encouraging men onto the mat, particularly in the western world. Whether a man is concerned at being the odd one out in a room full of ‘bendy wendys’ or considers themselves to be too inflexible to do yoga, breaking down these barriers can often feel as though you’re fighting against the tide.

I love breaking down stereotypes on what yoga is, and who should practice. I know that Caleb shares my passion too. I’ve seen many guys step onto the mat for the first time not sure what to expect. An hour later, I can see how happy they are that they took that first brave step. A realisation that they are amongst like-minded men of all ages and ability levels, starting what has the potential to become a life journey of self discovery.

I said at the time of my MogaDad events last year how bonkers it is that men die on average six years younger than women. Let’s not forget that this is largely for preventable reasons. My blogs from last year’s Movember include loads of information on suicide prevention, cancer support, testicular cancer and mental health. If you’re unsure whether to support Caleb’s campaign – please read, digest, share my blogs widely – someone close to you may be suffering in silence struggling to deal with an issue.

Men die on average six years younger than women – largely for preventable reasons

I take my hat off to Caleb for offering these classes, and his ambitions to raise £10,000 for Movember. When I supported Movember last year through my ‘MogaDad Talks‘ campaign, I combined Yoga For Men with talks from local men’s health charities. This meant that we got the opportunity to raise awareness and start a conversation on some serious men’s health issues.

If you’ve read this far – thank you. If you’ve already signed up to Caleb’s Movember series, that’s fantastic – I’ll (virtually) see you there. If you’re still deliberating whether Yoga For Men is for you, drop me or Caleb a line – we would love to hear from you. The beauty of Caleb’s series is that you can do this from the comfort of your own home, be taught by an internationally renowned yoga teacher. You should also be proud that you’re putting your own wellbeing first while also raising much needed funds for Movember and its support for men’s health.

What are you waiting for…?