Yoga For Men’s Health

November is the big one for men’s health in the U.K. Not only is it men’s health month, Movember, and International Men’s Day, it’s also the month where I use my Yoga For Men classes in Keynsham, Bristol to shine on a light on men’s health through an inspiring series of talks during the month.

All events will be fundraisers for the organisations delivering the talks, or nominated charities such as Prostate Cancer UK. These yoga and men’s health talks will raise much needed donations, with all proceeds put towards raising awareness and delivering services that are saving men’s lives.

I am delighted to confirm the programme for the talks, with bookings already open for all of the events. We have FIVE brilliant talks confirmed – the tasty filling between my Yoga For Men class sandwich! Don’t delay in booking these unique men’s health events. The talks are free to attend. Cash donations to nominated charities would be welcome on the night.

‘Check your balls’

It’s in the Bag will be quite literally starting the ‘balls’ rolling on 1st November to talk about testicular cancer. Did you know that testicular cancer is the most common cancer of men aged 15 – 49 in the UK? Thankfully, over 98% of men with testicular cancer are cured, with survival rates increasing all the time. It’s in the Bag’s talk will focus on the brilliant job they do in supporting men with testicular cancer and raising awareness of the importance of ‘checking your balls’ for the earliest diagnosis.

‘Let’s talk about you’

The following week, (8th November), I am delighted that we will be joined by TALK CLUB. I am a firm believer in using my Yoga For Men classes to cultivate a safe space for men to express themselves and be who they want to be and not what society often expects of them. TALK CLUB truly ‘walks the talk’ on this ethos by getting men to talk openly about their thoughts, feelings, worries and day-to-day gripes (and all the positive stuff too!). TALK CLUB’s talk will focus on their huge success is creating a network of TALK CLUB’s across the UK and internationally and how you can get involved.

‘Look after your smile’

On 15th November, we will be warmly welcoming Keynsham Dental Care along to talk about oral health. This talk will cover a general overview of oral health, while also raising awareness on the signs, symptoms and risks of oral cancer. The majority of deaths from oral cancer occur because of late detection due to low public awareness. Keynsham Dental Care will talk about the type of self checks you can carry out. They take just 2 minutes and could save your life, or someone you know.

‘You are what you eat’

On 22nd November, we have our fourth confirmed talk from the Good Nutrition Guide. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that male obesity is a growing problem in the U.K. A staggering 67% of men are overweight or obese, compared with 62% of women. Is it any surprise when weight management programmes are mainly targeted and taken up by women, with men less likely to recognise their weight as an issue. This talk will help raise awareness of the link between diet and ill-health, and how a healthy diet can contribute towards tackling the obesity crisis, specifically for men.

Man’s Best Friend

We will be wrapping up our month of inspirational talks with Dudes & Dogs. In case you’ve never heard of Dudes & Dogs, the concept is simple. A group of men, a dog, time and space to talk. Dudes & Dogs is living proof that talking really helps, and when doing so with man’s best friend can really help lift our spirits, even on the wettest of walks . When you read testimonials about how they have never found a safer haven for discussing mental health and how they have found peace within the group that is building something beautiful, you know that Dudes & Dogs is onto something special. I can’t wait to hear more about the Dudes & Dogs story.