It’s good to talk

That’s a wrap on this year’s Yoga For Men’s Health series in Bristol – and what a rollercoaster ride it’s been. The series of Yoga For Men classes and free talks on men’s health issues was book-ended by the impacts of COVID, with the first and last talks in the series having to be postponed until 2022. Not to be defeated, however, the events that did go ahead were as enjoyable as they were insightful.

How are you? Out of 10?

We were joined by Talk Club who talked about the incredible work they’ve been doing in creating a safe space for men to come together in their local communities and talk about their mental fitness. Creating a platform for men to open up in a way that they wouldn’t do usually, listening and supporting one another, and empowering men to set up their own Talk Club anywhere in the world.

Chewing the facts on oral hygiene

Keynsham Dental Care also joined us to talk about oral hygiene and mouth cancer during Mouth Cancer Action Month. The talk was packed with jaw-dropping statistics such as gum disease affecting three-quarters of men, and that men with gum disease being 14% more likely to develop cancer than men with healthy gums. With inflammation of the gums often being associated with brushing, it was a healthy reminder of the importance of brushing, flossing, seeing your dentist and addressing an age old question on whether to rinse your mouth at the end of brushing your teeth.

The meat between the Yoga Sandwich

The final talk was from the Good Nutrition Guide, who provided the meat between the sandwich of my Yoga For Men classes to talk about diet and wellbeing. This talk enabled us to be better educated about what we eat and drink – not necessarily viewing food as good or bad. Rather the food we should be eating more of such as fruits, vegetables and good sources of protein, and the food we should be eating occasionally in smaller portions such as white bread, pasta and chocolate. The Good Nutrition Guide set us a series of challenges such as by checking food labels, looking for food with fewer ingredients and challenging ourselves to cook from scratch one extra time per week.

Do Yoga For Good

As insightful as the talks were, the events were also used to raise awareness, and all important donations for charities – either the charity delivering the talk, as was the case with Talk Club, or those nominated by the organisation delivering the talk. All profits from the Yoga For Men classes that took place either side of the talks were donated, and we raised an incredible £312 that will be divided equally between Talk Club, Smile Train and Prostate Cancer UK to support their brilliant work.