It’s a HIIT

Over the past couple of years, life’s thrown many curveballs – COVID lockdowns, working from home home schooling, major life events being cancelled, the list goes on. The YogaFam has been my rock, and I honestly don’t know how I’d have got through it without them. Alongside that though, exercise, most notably, Joe Wicks Body Coach workouts have helped see the light during the darkest of times.

Precious ‘me time’

Surprisingly, it wasn’t the P.E with Joe series that got me started. In fact, I remember vividly on the 1st day of P.E. with Joe we tried to get the YogaTwins involved, but they weren’t having it. The house descended into chaos with them crying and rolling around the floor, putting us off doing it again! It was in fact the Body Coach ’28 Days of Sweat’ series that got me hooked. I had just enough time between work and home schooling to carve out 10 minutes for the workouts, and I loved how even that small amount of exercise made a difference. I used to take my boys’ to local parks during lockdown and practice the moves. They loved it when I pushed them on swings while doing squats.

‘App-y New Year

When the Body Coach app launched in December, I deliberated over whether it was right for me. I’d seen many amazing photos of people that had done the Body Coach plans. Incredible transformations in body shape, weight loss, positive stories about how it had changed their lives. I’m a slim build and considered myself pretty fit, but had always struggled with self esteem, and body confidence. I knew that exercise, especially the Body Coach workouts, had helped me feel much better about myself during these most challenging of times, so I took the plunge and signed up.

Hot in the kitchen

I’m so glad that I did as this past 12 months on the app has been brilliant on so many levels. The workouts have continued to challenge me – mentally as much as physically. I’ve progressed from being someone that would always run a mile from weights in a gym to loving my dumbbell and kettlebell kitchen. Mixing that up with cardio, body weight, abs, mobility sessions and more has enabled me to learn to love doing exercise in different ways, all within the confines of my kitchen!

The recipes have also been a winner. I had already laid the foundations for becoming more confident in the kitchen through Gousto’s recipe boxes last year. We still continue to make Gousto recipes using our own ingredients, with the Body Coach app recipes now giving us more variety for meals. As much as I’ve made so many delicious meals over the past year, with a family of 4 to cater for, I wouldn’t say I’ve stuck religiously to the recipes. What i do know though is that when I do make a home cooked meal (even id it’s something as simple as an omelette!), I’m super proud that I’m fuelling my body in the right way for exercise, and that my family are eating a tasty, nutritious meal.

Community at its heart

More than anything though, it’s the Body Coach community that’s been the game changer. Having spent so much time at home over the past couple of years has been very lonely at times. Knowing that there’s a virtual support network, just the click of a mouse away has made me feel connected in ways that I could never have imagined. We feed off each other’s energy and embody so much of what this journey is about. Sharing the highs to inspire others, and picking us up when we’re down.

It’s what’s inside that counts

So, 12 months down the line, what difference has the Body Coach app made? Well, if you look at my weight and measurements they’ve barely changed at all. I’m not one of those people with amazing transformations in body shape and weight loss. More importantly though for me it’s what inside that counts the most. Yes, I’m physically fitter and feel stronger for sure. It’s the mental fitness where I’ve seen the biggest difference – I feel more able to cope with whatever curveballs are thrown my way. I’m more comfortable within my own skin, and because of that I have a more positive outlook on life.