Try Yoga for FREE

Are you a man reading this thinking you’re too inflexible to do yoga?

Do you want to join a class to improve your physical and mental fitness?

Have you been curious about trying yoga, and never found the right class?

Look no further than my Yoga For Men classes in Keynsham and Saltford in Bristol. Best of all, at the moment, I’m offering new joiners a FREE first class. You simply need to contact me at and I’ll issue you a discount code to book a space at one of my weekly classes.

The classes I offer are tailor made for men that have never done yoga before. If you consider yourself to be the most inflexible man in the world, you’ve come to the right place. Equally, you may have tried yoga before but been discouraged after feeling like the odd one out amongst a group of super supple women. You may also be looking an activity that’s kind to your body, perhaps as a counter to other forms of exercise to help support your recovery and reduce the risk of injury. You may also be simply looking for somewhere to disconnect from the pressures of everyday life.

I’ve warmly welcomed men with all of these back stories and more. They’ve frequently seen benefits within an hour, snapping up a YogaDad loyalty card, and booking onto next classes, hungry for more.

With the offer of a free class, other than putting yourself first for an hour, what have you got to lose?

Drop me a line at for your free class. I can’t to see you join me on the mat.