Talk is Cheap

I’ve been running my Yoga For Men classes with a Talk Club structure for a few weeks now. As a refresher, I had men’s mental fitness charity, Talk Club join our Yoga For Men’s Health Series last November. I was blown away by the impressive work Talk Club has been doing to create a community for men to talk and listen in a secure and space space to share and support others.

Earlier this year, I completed Talk Club’s training to become a ‘Captain’ that leads Talk Club sessions. From there, Talk + Yoga was born. Using my Yoga For Men classes in Bristol as the basis for Talk Club sessions, we’ve been starting and ending classes each week by asking two simple questions.

How are you? Out of 10?

It’s been brilliant to see how positively the guys who join me have embraced it. We don’t spend long checking in and out with our scores. The most important thing is we’re creating a space for men to share their scores, and if they feel comfortable, to talk about the reason that they’ve scored that way.

From a personal perspective, adopting the Talk Club structure to my Yoga For Men classes has made me realise how lucky I am to be in the position of leading these sessions. Hearing the guys share their scores, some of which have seen significant improvements by attending one of my classes. Through simply one hour of yoga I am having a positive impact on a fellow man’s life.

This sounds fantastic. How can I get involved?

There are a couple of ways. You can join me of my Yoga For Men classes in Bristol. If you’ve never done yoga before or maybe think you’re too inflexible to do yoga, drop me a line. I’m offering a free first class to new joiners. Other than sparing an hour to put yourself first, what have you got to lose?

Talk Club has set up a new community page for Talk + Yoga and I encourage you to sign up. I’ll be posting on there regularly with updates on how the sessions are going. Rest assured, confidentiality is key to building trusting relationships. Anything that’s discussed in a Talk + Yoga session stays in the room. Other than sharing the scores with Talk Club, I will not disclose anything that’s discussed.