Community of practice

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week in the U.K this week. Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, this year’s theme is loneliness. Through my Yoga For Men classes in Bristol, I’ve been hugely successful in bringing like-minded men together to champion men’s health. I feel very lucky to be at the centre of a movement that encourages men to not feel like the odd one out, and give yoga a try.

Partnering with Talk Club – the men’s mental fitness charity – over the past few months has taken this onto the next level. When Bristol Live published its article on their recent interview with Talk Club and me on ‘Talk + Yoga’, the title was ‘How Talk Club and Yoga For Men are revolutionising men’s health in Bristol’. Highlighting how far we had come with the ‘Talk + Yoga’ concept in a short time together.

It’s not just at my Yoga For Men classes where I want men to come together to talk about men’s health. It’s off the mat too. And this is where Talk Club really comes into its own. They have an online community which is available 24/7, ready to support men at every turn. Not only does the site include the full list of in-person and online Talk Club events, there’s a supportive forum where you can check in, share thoughts and support one another as you would do at a regular Talk Club event.

As much as you can join Talk Club’s community for free, Talk Club does ask for a nominal £1 donation per week to help them to deliver its services to help you, and people like you, everywhere..

What does the online community provide?

  • A forum to share how you are feeling out of 10, online, 24/7
  • Access to join an unlimited number of in-person and virtual Talk Club event annually
  • Talks, reports and articles from guest writers and speakers
  • Benefits from partner discounts
  • An opportunity to feel lighter by sharing in a secure, private community and be supported by thousands of other men
  • Reassurance that through your membership, you are not only supporting yourself, but supporting men everywhere to be mentally fit.

I think it is brilliant that Talk Club offer this online community to complement their in-person and virtual Talk Club events. In a modern world that can often feel lonely, Talk Club’s is creating a community that is helping to keep you mentally fit, and supporting others to achieve the same.