Men’s Health Week

Men’s Health Week is coming up (13 – 19th June). The theme for this year’s event is ‘Time for your MOT‘. Not for your car, but a physical and mental health check towards being in full working order.

Getting under the bonnet of your personal MOT

>> Take notice of what’s going in your body and mind using my free online yoga classes

>> Do the Men’s Health Forum quick and easy DIY Man MOT

>> Take part in the CAN DO challenge which are the five things we can do to help us feel better

>> Check out the ‘Man Manuals’ that cover a range of health issues that affect our everyday lives

>> Contact your local GP and arrange an NHS Health Check

>> Go and see your GP or contact 111 if you’re concerned about any symptoms.

Why should I support Men’s Health Week?

Quite simply, men’s health is in crisis. Don’t just take my word for it – the facts speak for themselves.

>> On average, men die 3.7 years earlier than women

>> Men go to the doctor less often than women

>> Men are three times more likely to die from suicide than women.

What is YogaDad doing for this year’s campaign?

I’ll be running my regular Yoga For Men classes in Bristol on Monday and Thursday evenings. Last week, we had an incredible 24 men join me across the two classes. I’m offering a free first class to new joiners. Other than sparing an hour of your time to put yourself first, what have you got to lose?

I’ve also organised a couple of special events at my employers, Defra. I’ve been partnering with men’s mental fitness charity, Talk Club through ‘Talk + Yoga’ sessions over the past few months. I’ll be taking this concept to Defra through 15 minutes of yoga where I will be asking attendees How are you? Out of 10? before and after the yoga, followed by an open discussion on men’s health topics.

I encourage you and those you know to get involved in what is shaping up to be a brilliant campaign.