Yoga for Cyclists


Are you a regular cyclist that goes on social and/or commuter rides? Do you suffer from aches and pains, or are recovering from a cycling-related injury? Are you looking at ways in which you can improve your performance when cycling?

I am a cyclist based in Keynsham, Bristol that has commuted by bike over the past 10 years. Part of the reason I took up yoga was because I wanted to prevent cycling injuries, improve my performance and ultimately have more enjoyable rides.

By doing yoga, I have found my energy levels increase significantly, I have more strength in my legs, I do not suffer from back pain and find that I am able to breathe more easily.

Through my experience and training, I have developed an exciting six-week programme of themed yoga classes that are specifically tailored for cyclists. .

1// STRETCH – Stretch your limbs and lengthen the muscles most prone to tension.

2// STABILISE – Engage the core for strength, stability and a streamlined cycling motion.

3// FOCUS – Practice mental concentration and alignment through balancing poses.

4// STRENGTHEN – Develop balanced strength targeting muscles often under-utilised.

5// BREATHE – Integrate slower, deeper breathing with movement for performance.

6// RESTORE – Optimise recovery time through restorative poses and recharge.

Contact me to register your interest for my next Yoga for Cyclists 6-week course.