Yoga for Men



Yoga is often portrayed as though it’s aimed, unintentionally, at women. This can discourage men from attending classes where they may feel they’re the odd one out in a female-dominated environment. My personal experiences reflect this and I am often contacted by men who consider themselves too inflexible to do yoga. It’s my ambition to break the stereotype that yoga isn’t for men. I am committed to encouraging more men to try yoga and see for themselves how beneficial it can be. I run Yoga for Men classes in Keynsham and Saltford designed specifically for the male body.

What to expect

Improved Flexibility // Stretching those parts of the body where men most often experience tightness and tension such as the hips, hamstrings, neck and shoulders.

Balanced Strength // Strengthening and lengthening muscle groups such as in the mid-body to avoid overloading or under-utilising muscles that increase the risk of injury.

Increased Stamina // Developing techniques for slower, deeper breathing and synchronising breath through movement to help relax, concentrate, and support muscle release. .

Reduced Stress // Relaxing through an integrated set of movements that help develop greater awareness of how the body and mind can be used to manage stressful situations.

Through my partnership with men’s mental fitness charity, Talk Club, I am also creating a community for men to talk and listen in a safe space. Supporting one another by starting and ending classes each week by sharing responses to two simple questions – How are you? Out of 10? 

My love of electronic music provides a slow, steady, rhythmic soundtrack to the classes to avoid any uncomfortable silences. 

Class details

Mondays, 7 – 8pm, Keynsham Baptist Church  

Thursdays, 7 – 8pm, Saltford Hall, Wansdyke Room. 

£8 per class (bookable online). New joiners try yoga for free. Contact me for your free space. 


Keynsham Baptist Church, High Street, Keynsham, BS31 1DS

Saltford Hall, Wedmore Road, Saltford, Bristol, BS31 3BY

Booking early is essential.