About Me

Hello & Welcome.

My name is Rob, and  I am based in Keynsham, Bristol. As you may have guessed, I’m a Dad. I have adorable, albeit often mischievous twin boys that keep me on my toes.

So, what has this got to do with yoga?

When our boys were born in 2016, time was scarce for anything other than work and parenting duties. I have been practicing yoga for 10ish years, and did not want to stop. So, I started practicing yoga before the boys woke up. Those extra early starts were tough at first, but my yoga gave me control and enabled me to establish an identity again.

Before long, I realised that I wanted to deepen my practice. So i signed up to a UK Yoga Alliance teacher training course with Laura Gilmore at Bristol School of Yoga. I was very keen to put into practice what I was learning.  As a result, I started teaching beginner yoga students in the offices in central Bristol, or outdoors when the weather’s good.

The yoga course focuses on beginners hatha yoga, but I equally enjoy practicing all forms of yoga, from flowing vinyasa sequences to more restorative classes and retreats. I am a keen cyclist and enjoy the way that yoga can be used to complement physical activities.

I do not profess to be an expert yogi. I am just a regular guy that has found his calling in life through yoga. Through my teaching, I love to inspire others (including Dads!) to do the same.

This is my story. I welcome you to become a part of it.