International Day of Yoga


June 21st is the fourth United Nations International Day of Yoga. The theme for this year’s event is ‘Yoga for Peace’. ‘Peace’ can be interpreted in many different ways. Peace within our external environment may relate to nations that share different beliefs and values. They can be reminded of the fact that underneath all of this,  those that they oppose and fight are just fellow human beings, all just trying to find a way through life.

Peace can also be interpreted from an internal perspective. How all of us, within our often chaotic and busy lives can find time for stillness in body and mind. For the many of us participating in the celebrations, a yoga practice can stimulate energy flows but also provide a calming effect to body and mind. In this way, providing an opportunity for yogis to reflect upon the importance they place on finding Peace from within.


Events will be taking place globally to mark the occassion. The United Nations has sessions scheduled to take place with Yoga Masters to discuss Yoga for Peace on both 20th and 21st June. In addition, they are projecting lasers of yoga poses onto the North facade of the UN’s headquarters. The largest event though is, somewhat understandably, taking place in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be leading a crowd of 60,000 in Dehradun on June 21st. The  event is due to begin at 6am local time, and will be broadcast live around the world.

As for how I plan to celebrate the day…

Well, I will be teaching my regular yoga for cyclists class on Queen Square in central Bristol, with the theme of Peace being at its heart.

What about you? Do you have anything planned to celebrate International Day of Yoga? Also, what does Peace mean to you?