Om Pop Yoga

I recently wrote about how much I was looking forward to supporting at a cracking family yoga event in Fulham. Now on the journey home, I can safely say it didn’t disappoint.

Om Pop’s Rock

I was honoured to join good friends from Here For You For Them who were leading two events. Supported by forward thinking Hammersmith & Fulham Family Support, it was incredible to see first-hand how much of a success this event was.


Here has been delivering Om Pop family yoga in Hammersmith for a few months now. As my recent blog highlighted, these events have grown in popularity with local families and been considered a huge success.

Om Pop 5

Pastures new

Today was the first time Here had ventured further south to Fulham – Fulham Central Children’s Centre to be precise. And what a special space this is. Tucked away in the heart of the local community and providing such an incredible range of services for the local community. Families are so fortunate to have this children’s centre on their doorstep.


Being the first time for Here and me, we weren’t sure how many people would turn up. Being so close to Christmas, and knowing full well how challenging it can be to get young children out of the door, we were so grateful to those that shared such a special space with us.

More YogaDads

We had mums, dads (yes Dads!), beautiful babies and toddlers join us for the event that was themed around ‘Healing & Resilience For the holidays’. With twin boys at home becoming increasingly excited by Christmas, I can vouch for this theme being much needed.

Community of practice

The super Jen Armstrong led the session and it was a privilege to support such an experienced yoga teacher and yoga photographer. Jen’s movement based sequence was as enjoyable as it was inspiring and engaging with all manner of props used throughout. Seeing the babies lying face up on their parents’ backs brought a whole new sense of connection to a child’s pose.

I was honoured that Here invited me to lead the meditation .practice. I had road-tested the meditation with my harshest critics last night – my boys. After inevitable initial wriggling, the chatter quietened, they settled and were still throughout. I knew that I was onto a winner!

Meditation inspiration

My meditation visualised a white dove in my boys’ meditation. This soon changed to white swans when I saw the striking mural of flying swans on the the children’s centre. Visualising the swans soaring high into bright blue sky with single feathers falling onto different parts of the body that were then invited to relax seemed to work so well.


In fact the most heart melting moment was when one of the baby’s began holding my finger as i lay down. It truly was an unforgettable moment.

Om Pop 3.jpg


The meditation was soon over and it was very special to then be able to spend some time with the families. Many of whom were keen to know when more Om Pop’s were running.

Roll on 2020

Given the success of the events, there will be more to come from the Om Pop events in 2020. I look forward to being a part of this journey that’s only just begun…