Village People

‘Teamwork is what makes the dream work’. Don’t just take my word for it – this was how our brilliant local osteopaths, Redfern Osteopaths described our collective efforts in turning our dreams for a Wellbeing Village into reality at Keynsham Music Festival in Bristol – the 25th anniversary event.

It’s been a week now since we opened the gates, and welcomed the local community to our first outing at the festival’s family day. Yes, the weather gods didn’t read the memo, especially early on, but nothing would dampen our spirits with sunshine vibes throughout what was an amazing day.

Having attended many festivals over the years, I had never appreciated how much effort goes into putting these types of event on. This wasn’t a huge commercial event – it was reliant on people volunteering their own time – and with limited budget, to get creative in order to put the show on.

It was a proud moment seeing the gazebos and bunting set up around the main (Small top) tent with the programme boards outside. When I wrote my Wellbeing in Keynsham blog post in 2019, I had ambitions to put Keynsham on the map as a destination for wellbeing activities and services. Seeing the Wellbeing Village come to life was a defining moment in showcasing what we have to offer.

The Wellbeing Village was nestled between the trees. For those that discovered us, it became an escape from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the festival site. One of the standout moments for me was when I poked my head into Sage Yoga Dance’s fun-packed dance session in the Small top full of children and their grown-ups revealing their inner child with big smiles and ribbons galore.

It was also fantastic to see the Indian head massage and hand reflexology sessions from Pause Holistics and Feet up for Health prove to be so popular. Everyone I spoke with said how much they enjoyed the precious ‘me time’. The Good Nutrition Guide and Redfern Osteopaths also did a brilliant job in devising games that helped make healthy eating and osteopathy advice fun and interactive.

A defining moment was when chatting with Jo from Sustainable Fitness, she mentioned how heartening it was to see so many local businesses coming together. We could easily be considered competitors to one another, but the sum of our parts was so much greater than each individual business. That shone through the storm clouds on the day, and lit the torch for future events.

Thank you to MFR Pilates, Sustainable Fitness, Core Rehab Neurophysio and Pilates, Be Well Kinesiology, Pie and Lattes Pilates, Sage Yoga Dance, Fourth Trimester Trainer, Sandhya Coyle, Yoga with Jo, Simona Franko, Pause Holistics, Feet up for Health, The Good Nutrition Guide, Redfern Osteopaths, Radiance Wellness, Jon Rees Holistic Massage, Studio 11 Pole Fitness, Suicide Prevention Bristol and the organisers at Keynsham Music Festival for making this happen!