Lunchtime Yoga on Queen Square

I run yoga classes in Bristol on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday lunchtimes. The classes last 45 minutes, just enough time for you to de-stress and re-energise for the rest of your day.

I have a passion for the natural environment, so what better way to spend lunchtimes over the summer than embracing the outside world and taking my yoga teaching outdoors. There is something quite special about practicing poses outdoors. Reaching for the blue skies while lengthening the spine, seeing the world upside down in inversions or standing like a strong, upright tree in balance poses, being careful not to topple over.

The senses are able to absorb so much more than when indoors and this can be so calming to body, mind and breath. This is particularly the case for those that have been cooped up in a stuffy office during the day. Whether that’s the smell of the freshly mown grass, recognising the sounds, both near and far or simply a greater sense of grounding

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